1. the price we pay for things we need

    overestimating our will and desire

    or ability to ‘hand it over’

    we are freshly minted, naïveté.

    and I say hello to girl in the mirror.

    but some mornings, she looks the same;

    and some times, she seems faded. 

    the grid holds her close to the surface

    and she can’t seem to hide inside.

  2. LA from Griffith & the Observatory (at Griffith Observatory)

  3. Just a bit of the ‘Enchanted Hill’ (at Hearst Castle)

  4. I don’t know why I even bother texting @jshim0

  5. Went to see The Spectacular Now and was rewarded with a surprise Q&A with director, James Ponsoldt, Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk, and the truly amazing, @milest87 (at ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood)

  6. @juliablyumin looks really happy to be smashing my brains in, don’t ya think? (at Warner Bros. Studios)

  7. Mad love for the people who buy the @newyorktimes at Starbucks & leave it for others to read. (at Starbucks)


  8. "Who is that guy?"


    "That ridiculously attractive brooding dude in the corner."

    We all have nights that we remember perfectly. I like to think they are the nights where we realize the depths of which we know ourselves. When things work out because of a deeply held, and almost blindly stupid, belief in ourselves. 

    I met Michael Hastings on one of those nights just two short months ago. Our quick conversation was nothing life changing, just small talk about my interest in media journalism, Ohio roots, and his distaste for downtown Cleveland. Small talk about LA driving and how it really takes to get used to this city as a transplant. He was fidgety and a little awkward, but smart and quiet too. 

    Our encounter led me to divulge ever so effortlessly into the works of Michael Hastings. Driven by my desire to read enough great writing that I can one day fake it myself, I found myself inspired.

    Today was another one of those days. A day when I’m too busy, too happy, too fulfilled to even think, Michael has given me a chance to jot something down. And its a fine tribute to take some time to write about him tonight.


  9. There were a lot of details from [the mass school shooting] at Newtown, Conn., that did not come forward on television. I’m not talking about the story write large, I just mean the details. There are details about Newtown that the public does not know, that reporters know, that police know, and quite honestly, that the public does not want to know.”

    Jake Tepper said this in a recent article. Have you ever considered before that the press would shelter their audience from facts?


  10. My Own Spring Commencement

    I find reading commencement speeches this spring, has impacted me more than ever in the past. When you are at your college graduation, you dont really know what you’re getting into. Maybe you have a job lined up, or you haven’t broken up with your college sweetheart yet, or you’re excited to travel around Europe with your best friends. Either way, you really have no clue. 
    But somewhere down the line, maybe a few months, a few weeks or a few years, you will be panic stricken, depressed and lonely. And you’ll be wondering, “Why the hell didn’t my college commencement speaker prepare me for this??!”
    Well truth is, they probably did. (Or didn’t in my case because John Boehner gave one of the worst commencement speeches at my Ohio State 2011 Spring Graduation. So bad, I can hardly believe Speaker is his official title. But anyway, I’ll try not to go into politics this once.)
    They probably said something incredibly inspiring and meaningful, but you were too busy taking selfies in your cap and gown, or trying to find your parents in the stands. (I can spot Jane’s tie dye dress!!) This is why I think every student should be handed a print out of their commencement address and told not to read it until they really need it.
    Because one day, when you are in the pits of life, you’ll need it. The inspiration, humor, insight and most of all, the reminder that you really do know a lot more today than you knew when you first heard (or half paid attention to) your last college lecture. 
    Thats why, it is important each spring, to read or listen to some of the commencement speeches made across the country. Because we are still in need of the lessons these speeches teach and maybe, we have finally started paying attention.
    Here are some of my favorites from this spring:
    John Green, Author, Butler University: 
    Jon Lovett, Former Obama speechwriter, Current writer & creator of 1600 Penn at Pitzer College: 
    President Barack Obama, at the Ohio State University: 
    Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, at (gasp!) University of Michigan:
    Huffington Post’s 16 Best Pieces of Career Advice from 2013 Commencement Speeches:
    and The Atlantic’s list of some of 2013’s best: